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BT, formerly BT Financial Group, is a financial services company based at Tower Two, International Towers Sydney in Sydney, Australia, with operations there and in New Zealand. Its product range includes managed investments, superannuation, insurance, and private banking. BT is the wealth management arm of Westpac, a banking and other financial services company operating since 1817.


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Current Employee - Customer Relations Consultant says

"Lots and lots of really poor customers who are rude and very very intellectually challenged. Customers are always asking for Financial Hardship applications and withdrawals. They scream in our ears: “it’s MY money!” And swear at us about the fees we charge. BT has the worst demographic of customers, they are mostly poor and we spend a lot of time speaking to unfortunate customers who are rude and belligerent. Not a nice customer base at all! Try to find some other work where the demographic of people are nicer and more stable, who take responsibility for their own actions. Job made me realise that there are a lot of dumb people in Australia. Those dumb people invest in BT super because they don’t know any better - their employers set it up for them! So many dummies!"

Current Employee - Project Director says

"Like most companies, need to save money thus layoffs regardless of performance"